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After an absence of many years, Mens Nike Shoes online Durant is still sought after by fans here, grandstand seating no empty seats, and he himself was deeply moved, and in the dedication of a wonderful game dunk. Another race with him there Webster, Hawes and Crawford.
In the game, Nike new jordans 2021Durant also go all out for the Seattle fans sealed a wonderful performance. In this game, he scored 63 points. In the 51 minutes of the game, he played a total of 50 minutes 45 seconds, shots has reached 62 times. But his hit rate is very general, not only into the 26 ball, the other threes only 32 shots 8. Durant experienced team final 141-147 overtime loss to the team led by Crawford, Crawford has also been in the game 46 points. This level of superstar Kevin Durant on the street tend to become individual scoring game show, in 2011 during the lockout he scored 66 points in Niuyueluoke park, creating a historical record. And now this aircraft also did not stop scoring machine meaning. Durant also took the microphone to the fans on the court, said: “I miss you! Thank you for your welcome, hope to have more opportunities to return to Seattle!”
After the game he also wrote on Twitter;I really miss and love Seattle hate sense giving me this opportunity for me to see so many enthusiastic fans. Seattle will always be in my heart! love you all! “Also worth mentioning is the game Durant’s teammate Spencer – Spencer Hawes in the previous game was a single-game scoring 58 points and 17 rebounds (30 cast 19), he last season he averaged 76 points and 7.2 rebounds only 11. Although the game was Durant light upstage, but 76 people can be considered for next season to give him some chance.

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Recently, the famous shoe store 21 Mercer NIKE customized to the classic nike kd vi for sale introduced a new color new, shoes are made ​​of nylon with white background, with gray and burgundy suede heel detail embellishment, large gray FREE bottom equally decorative embellishment white ink and the stability of decorative burgundy, wine red white on the heel Tila Sheng NSW and 21M words directly into the shoes of inspiration and themes.

In the beginning of this year, nike kd vi meteorology following the OG "Persian Violet" version, overwhelmed by sports brand Nike’s often overlooked classic shoes Air Classic BW has also ushered in a new color. Continuation Air Max 1,90,95 and 97 of the streamlined contours, the shoes using three different lines of black leather shoes, body material composition, supplemented with the color of understated embellishment Swoosh and midsole cushion in white on a red outline through touch a recognizable

For the right we wanted to exhibit a look that works with the change in the weather. Just because you have nike kd vi on shorts doesn’t mean you have to wear short sleeves. Summer nights can be cold, especially at the end of the summer. So what we did was toss on a neutral light grey sweat shirt. This will match with ANY thing you could ever put on. For the shorts you have a pair deep green cargos. Orange and green work very well together, as you can see on the hat. The hat is a Miami Hurricanes snapback. The colors blend perfectly, as do the sneaks, and the grey matches just right. So if you happen to pick up the KDs to look fresh, or to drop buckets at your local park, tag sneaker fits so we can take a look.

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Nike KD 13 U.S. military, “water lily” program was first used by George W. Bush during the U.S. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld raised. He believes that the United States should be compact and flexible small base instead of a huge military base. “9.11” incident, the Bush administration anti-terrorism grounds, to intensify the implementation of “Water Lilies” program, hoping to fight the U.S. military base in the global small combat maneuver “springboard” to combat troop rotations and munitions supply point. In recent years, the U.S. government finances tight, constantly cut military spending, the U.S. military bases on the one hand the old “small but fine,” the “water lily” type of transformation, on the one hand to re-enable the legacy of the former base, to ensure that the strategic needs and costs strike a balance between reduction. Obama continued his predecessor’s adjustment policies on overseas bases. With the “return to Asia” strategy, the Asia-Pacific region into the Pentagon planted “water lily” in key areas in order to put more sea Marines, fighter planes and warships deployed in the region.

nike kd 13 The U.S. military “lily” program recently by foreign media exposure: the widely established in the Asia Pacific region small base. “Small but perfectly formed” the strategic value of these small bases is very prominent, like a pond across the Asia-Pacific region in the blossoming water lilies, with them, the U.S. military this “frog” can easily jump to any of the target prey. The front post “Flexible and economical

nike kd vi meteorology According to the Pentagon’s deployment, in the vastness of the Pacific Ocean, from Djibouti Honduras tropical jungle, from the deserts of Mauritania to the Cocos Islands, Australia and the Philippines, the United States are trying to find more “water lily.” According to Voice of America reported that the U.S. will soon hold talks with the Philippines, the two sides will allow U.S. military personnel consultation, aircraft, vessels and other equipment into the Philippines deadline. Earlier, on August 12, the Philippine government announced that it will allow to increase the number of U.S. troops in the Philippines. Philippine Defense Secretary Jia Siming said President Benigno Aquino III has authorized them to hold consultations on the agreement, the agreement will be the increasing U.S. military presence in the Philippines to provide a framework.

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nike kd vi Today’s forecast for the new season best and worst newcomers newcomers, resulting in the best newcomer award, the Rockets this summer get Dwight Howard ranked first, ahead of Andre Iguodala and Kevin Garnett before. In the worst newcomer award, in the first row is the Knicks traded for the 2006 session of the draft pick. Best Newcomer Award, ESPN unanimously optimistic about the Mission came to Houston from Los Angeles, "Wow." Howard received a total of 350 votes, came in the offseason to switch to a new owner for the first player. ESPN said that after leaving the Lakers, Rockets Howard instantly pulled into the first ranks of the winning team. Last season in the case of injury has not healed, Howard is averaging 17.1 points 12.4 rebounds and 2.4 blocked shots recorded. The new season with the Rockets, he was able to hand over what data?
nike kd vi for sale Ranked No. 2 is from the Denver Nuggets to join the Warriors Andre Iguodala, "Little AI" of the vote was 118 votes. ESPN said that Andre Iguodala’s defense, vision and passing to help the Warriors and Stephen Curry to the next level! Ranked No. 3 in is Kevin Kevin Garnett, KG Celtics this summer was traded to the Nets. Garnett received a total of 95 votes, he needs to prove himself in the new season is still the league’s best power forward. Pistons Hawks came from Josh Smith had 41 votes, ranked No. 4; while Paul Pierce places 22 votes in the first five rows, the offseason he and KG, as was the Celtics traded to the Nets. Best Newcomer Award, nominated, including Oden, Mike Miller, Jennings, Scola and Monta Ellis et al.
nike kd vi meteorology While the worst newcomer award, in the first row is this summer Knicks Raptors get through transactions from the 2006 session of the draft pick. ESPN’s conclusion is that this is the worst offseason deal! received a total of 139 votes, and ranked No. 2 in is Josh Smith, his votes is 78 votes. Interestingly, in the best newcomer award, Smith ranked No. 4. Number of votes from the point of view, Smith’s outlook in Detroit is widely optimistic. Ranked No. 3 is Andrew Andrew Bynum Bynum last season because of a knee injury throughout the season, so this summer, the Cavaliers signed "little shark" take a great risk. Ultimately, Andrew Bynum had 77 votes; while Montana Ellis got 59 votes in ranked No. 4, the offseason the combo guard from Bucks Journey to Dallas. Who is ranked No. 5? Eisley former teammate Brandon Jennings, his votes is 52 votes. Howard had 26 votes, ranked No. 8.

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nike kd vi Timberwolves at Target Center held a press conference to formally announce to the outside world renewal Great Pyrenees Nikola Pekovic. In the press conference, the new season stand Peicovici His goal is to play 82 regular-season games. In addition, the Timberwolves owner Glen Taylor in an interview with reporters, said he was leaving for the future Kevin Le Fort Worth Golden Boy Ricky Rubio confidence. This is a generous Timberwolves signed last summer, at a news conference, Timberwolves President of Basketball Operations Philip Saunders said: Nikola (Pekovic) is the last, and best, he is a unique players, so we are very excited to be back in fact, I know he wants to stay in Minneapolis.
nike kd vi for sale According to U.S. media reports before, Pekovic with the Timberwolves signed a five-year total value of $ 60 million contract extension; this renewal of the contract also contains the highest possible reach $ 8,000,000 in prize money. The 27 year old Pekovic played a total of 62 last season, regular season games, averaging 31.6 minutes played with 16.3 points, 8.8 rebounds, these data are individual NBA career hit a new high. My goal is to play 82 regular-season games, Pekovic said, I will work with the medical team members to work together and stay healthy. Meanwhile, Peicovici bluntly: In my opinion, win the ball is more important than the big contract. Turning to renew Pekovic said: Stay here makes me feel very comfortable, and everyone here is very friendly to me, so I am very pleased to continue for the Timberwolves team.
nike kd vi meteorology As Timberwolves owner Glen Taylor in an interview with reporters, said: Pekovic is a big contract, but in my opinion great value, because we left a very important for us The player, who is one of the best center in the league, but also our important part of the team’s future, he was still young, so we hope he can for the team in the future to make their greatest contribution. Timberwolves Future plans also include Kevin Le Fort Worth Rubio, which Rubio will be the summer of 2015 to test the free agent market; while Carrefour is likely to jump out at the end of the season 14-15 last one-year contract to become a free players. In Taylor’s view, he is confident that the two main left. We sure have enough cap space left Rubio, Taylor said, In addition there are indications that Kevin (Carrefour) have been very happy here, we retain Nicola, he is Kevin very important in my eyes, can not see any reason to leave the team Kevin.

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nike kd vi Howard could potentially help the Rockets signed Stephen Jackson, the Rockets are two ways to communicate with Wu Sheng contract. Earlier today, the famous expert Alex Kennedy said, Captain Jack is now actively training, he was eager to join a team with the strength to win, while the Rockets in his considered within the scope. Prior to this, the U.S. media have spread over the Rockets are interested in Jackson rumors. Many experts believe that the 35-year-old Jackson, although over the peak of his career, but he has enough wealth of game experience, and at the crucial moment of pointers to give the Rockets to bring help, it is worthwhile to consider signing Morey. Last season, Jackson played 55 times on behalf of the Spurs, averaging 6.2 points and 2.8 boards 1.5 assists, career long shot hit rate of 33.4%.
nike kd vi for sale Yes, Jackson hard longer have the courage, his last season in the Spurs did not even until the end of the season, before the start of the playoffs was laid off, but his three-point advantage will attract rocket summer get Howard, the Rockets need to Dwight more with some peripheral pitcher. Adams said. In Adams opinion, if we really want to introduce Jackson rocket that Howard will play an important role in recruitment. Back in the Magic play period, World of Warcraft once requires management to introduce Jackson, but both of them also explored the possibility of playing together. Needless to say, Howard and Captain Jack’s personal relationships is good. Rockets roster already overcrowding, if they really and Jackson signed a contract and provide guaranteed contract, that means there will be an existing player’s position is replaced. From the current situation, the rocket has the potential to provide a copy of Jackson’s salary contract, and of course they have a room for $ 2.65 million midlevel exception.
nike kd vi meteorology For Jackson, he is eager to continue fighting the reason why NBA, money is certainly not the primary factor. The exposed material as Kennedy put it, Wu Sheng would only consider the strength of the team to win, straightforward point that is to hold the thigh. In Morey’s style, he did not quite use the space for Jackson early in the midlevel exception. Prior to this, the Heat have been involved in the introduction of Jackson rumors, but according to news source said, the Heat’s management worried about Captain Jack’s bad temper the team’s locker room will have an adverse impact, which is also the Rockets need to consider . If Murray does not worry about this risk, then he can make the Howard instantly to persuade Jackson.

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Nike KD 13 Earlier there were indications that Washington is about to sign a free agent Al – Harrington. Today, Harrington I accept the “Washington Post” in a telephone interview confirmed the news and revealed that when he decided to join the Wizards, he and the Wizards are now headed player John – Wall [microblogging] conducted a text message exchange , Walter sent his first message is this: to help me make the playoffs! I decided to join the Wizards, you send a text message and the Wall, the Wall is the first one to say, let me help him in the playoffs. Harrington said this.
I am very excited, I think the Wizards can make the playoffs next season, Harrington said in an interview, I do not care any doubt, I will say that I really think. If our team to stay healthy, we can definitely among the Eastern quarterfinals of the column. 1998 to enter NBA [microblogging] since Harrington has for six teams have played, can be regarded as a fully-fledged tramp. The peak of his career 2008-2009 season, he averaged 20.1 points 6.2 rebounds and 1.4 assists and 1.2 steals, he joined the Golden State Warriors created a stunning black eight legend. Orlando Magic last season, Harrington injury played only 10 times. However, nearly a year after this accomplishment, 33-year-old Harrington is ready. To me, the same as last season, just like a nightmare, Harrington said, from start to finish. Magic last summer after I actually got no hope I played when I was healthy after they even surprised. This is very difficult, but everything is gone, I’ve done a fresh start preparations. For the Wizards, Harrington said they were able to make the playoffs next season, not to jump to conclusions. According to him, revealed today, in fact, he began to observe from the last season the team, and witnessed the Wall back to health after their superior status (Wal comeback team winning nearly 50%).
Favorite Shoes Wizards last season, the only problem is the lack of a multi-Fours, Harrington said that a team can clear out space on the 4th place. Make a breakthrough within the internal space for the Wall in this area is not doing well, so this for me is definitely a very good chance. I’ve talked with Nene and Waldo this matter, they all hope I can join. In addition to tactical, I also think they bring veteran leadership qualities, tell those young kids know how to do.

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nike kd vi Warriors of the construction team one based on the draft Curry, CraigThompson and HarrisonBarnes two transactions received by Lee and Andrew Bogut. However, even such a big ball Jinzhou city, in considering signing a big contract with the player while also fear fear hands feet. Myers said that under the terms of the new CBA, the team must be on how to use the money in their hands to keep extreme caution:
nike kd vi for sale If you do not have a winning culture or an attractive team, you will certainly usher in a time like this you have to pay extra money to make your favorite players choose to join. Myers said, In the new CBA, this is an easy to make the team dangerous road toward the abyss, because once you start out for the players overpaid, the team’s future operational flexibility will be limited . Now think about small-market teams who stress it, they had to take those uncertainties pay more for free agents, which will become the small-market teams who trap, because their free agent signings basically on the issue will respect the opinions of fans, but this usually means is overdone or not suitable for team players out of contract too large. paid a bad contract can make a team more season for the salaries and headache. Orleans Hornets understood as EricGordon out of the four-year 58.4 million contract there are certain risks, but for a limited choice of small-market team, the kind of action that must be done .
nike kd vi meteorology If you want as a free agent out of a big contract, he had better be a real star, Myers said, In terms of the new CBA, when you are out for some players to 15 million 20 million, the team operational flexibility will become very bad. If the object is one or two players, I think they have the league’s top 10the top 15 players, they must be good enough to be a team in the first three levels of players.

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nike kd vi This is my In the NBA, the first time to see such defensive tactics: fourth end, anti-pick and roll, the Bulls also forcing opponents to the bottom line, "He was very keen that he found the bull unusual place in the world are also advocating a single anti-confrontation era and muscle, the Bulls were the first "empty out some parts, plugging some part, by the footsteps of the opponent lured into the trap of local attack" team. bull is intentionally empty corner, so Starks breakthrough, the only flaw is Grant’s up against a step slow, resulting in the failure of the Bulls this bout tactics; but after that, the Bulls still did not stop the collaboration.
nike kd vi for sale After three consecutive years of 1995-98, Jackson put this stuff used in the extreme. 1996’s numerous third quarter, Jordan, Pippen and Rodman would a hunting script, rehearsed countless times. First of all, a poor deer ignorant dribble, came Pippen’s side, Jordan, Harper and Rodman will do some temptation to walk, like lions sleep, make some noises. Deer were alerted to the flank movement, Pippen shaking hands, suggesting he moved to the bottom line. Deer into the bottom corner, traps launch, two wolves hold him, Pippen or Rodman, as close as two newspaper salesman. Get rid of the ball, occasionally accompanied by a young deer towards the referee to complain (such as "fuck my ass Dennis stabbed you did not see you"), Jordan ball, Harper has flown halftime. Then he was again, over and over again: Jordan and Pippen at halftime to strangle enemy jets, over the opponent’s Front, a blow back; once again. Physical consumption, disappointment, being constantly cut the ball 24 seconds when, one after another their unmatched fast break, Jordan’s provocative ("Boy, soon Yeah, and I like fast fast."), Rhodes Man gestures (pointing to his temple, "Boy, you mindless, right?"), despair, 15 points difference, the end of the third quarter tones like lifesaving class spells, loss of the idea of ​​fighting, just back to the hotel to sleep , the end. This is the Bulls defense, and only this kind of thing makes Jordan bored: aggressive defense, opponents to shreds, the spike in the opponent’s half Cabanatuan dignity moved here halftime, with action opponents produce " As long as he wishes, he can beat me 100 to 0 "illusion.
nike kd vi meteorology Van Gundy remember this routine, integrate into Riley teaches in his defense, to build their new defensive style. Then his assistant coach Xibe degrees to make this routine to flourish, first brought to Boston, then back to Chicago. This routine has become the most troublesome thing LeBron: 2008, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, Celtic is not a bull, not Rivers is Sibo degrees, this routine will always be in his staged in front again.

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After the start of the nike kd vi new season, Jeremy Lin will find that he faced a very special situation. And Harden as well as superstars like Howard fought together, Lin and his team prospects are naturally very good, complete with a championship strength. But the problem is that the new season teams positioning Jeremy, what is it? Realistic to say, he is likely to be excluded except in the starting lineup, it could be like the Spurs Ginobili Jeremy Lin as well play sixth man role? More importantly, he is willing to accept this role? If he is not willing to come off the bench, the possibility that the Rockets will be a great deal. As you know, Jeremy Lin is a need for more than enough possession to give full play to their own power player, but Harden is a true playmaker rocket, which is in the last season has been confirmed. With the arrival of Howard, Jeremy Lin’s ball is bound to become less opportunity, this is what he and rocket existing differences lies.
Exactly how to do it nike kd vi for sale? Unless he’s shooting efficiency and quality of defense this summer in a substantial increase, while in the new season would be willing to play the role of a spot-up shooter, hiding in the corner waiting patiently Harden and Howard gave him the ball. Otherwise, expect him to achieve explosive rocket, really hard. Morey do not want to bid farewell to Jeremy, did not want to trade Asik, so he must find ways to reach a consensus and after the two, especially in the use of appearances, the two sides need to obtain consensus. For example, let Jeremy Lin and Asik off the bench together, let’s go to the ball and enjoy Harden organizations, so Howard the ball in the basket more offensive, balanced team on the offensive end as far as possible for everyone.
Of course, no one can guarantee that the nike kd vi meteorology rocket will solve these problems, if Jeremy Lin and the team is really not compatible, that Morey can choose to send him. Since this summer, signing players in the three months can not be traded, so even if the transaction Jeremy Lin Rockets will wait until three months later, when they can find a better deal under the house. During these three years, the Rockets have to work together, and Jeremy Lin, managed to come up with best of both worlds, this is the most happy to see the results of Morey. If the Rockets can be a good use of good Jeremy, that their prospects will become very red crown wonderful.
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