KD VI sought after by fans 265648

After an absence of many years, Mens Nike Shoes online Durant is still sought after by fans here, grandstand seating no empty seats, and he himself was deeply moved, and in the dedication of a wonderful game dunk. Another race with him there Webster, Hawes and Crawford.
In the game, Nike new jordans 2021Durant also go all out for the Seattle fans sealed a wonderful performance. In this game, he scored 63 points. In the 51 minutes of the game, he played a total of 50 minutes 45 seconds, shots has reached 62 times. But his hit rate is very general, not only into the 26 ball, the other threes only 32 shots 8. Durant experienced team final 141-147 overtime loss to the team led by Crawford, Crawford has also been in the game 46 points. This level of superstar Kevin Durant on the street tend to become individual scoring game show, in 2011 during the lockout he scored 66 points in Niuyueluoke park, creating a historical record. And now this aircraft also did not stop scoring machine meaning. Durant also took the microphone to the fans on the court, said: “I miss you! Thank you for your welcome, hope to have more opportunities to return to Seattle!”
After the game he also wrote on Twitter;I really miss and love Seattle hate sense giving me this opportunity for me to see so many enthusiastic fans. Seattle will always be in my heart! love you all! “Also worth mentioning is the game Durant’s teammate Spencer – Spencer Hawes in the previous game was a single-game scoring 58 points and 17 rebounds (30 cast 19), he last season he averaged 76 points and 7.2 rebounds only 11. Although the game was Durant light upstage, but 76 people can be considered for next season to give him some chance.

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