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New Jordans Retro Garcia will be the key to the new season the Rockets bench, while the Williams opinion, if Garcia can keep averaging 8 points, while shooting rate remained at about 43%, then this will help rocket red crown . Article Excerpt follows: This offseason, the Rockets lineup adjustments, the introduction of such players like Howard, in a lot of people, the rocket is a new season, a championship contender. However, from the existing situation, the rocket to accomplish this goal there is no small difficulty, for example, in certain positions Rockets lack depth.
Retro Jordans In the current lineup, the Garcia will probably become the key to the new season, the Rockets bench. Houston Rockets last season during the regular season, Garcia has averaged 6.4 points 1.3 rebounds and 1.1 assists while shooting 43.2 percent, which was 38.6 percent three-point shooting. In the playoffs last season, Garcia has a good play, not only in terms Durant contribute, but on the offensive end, his shooting ability filling. During this period, he averaged 10.7 points 3.3 rebounds and 1.5 assists, three-point shot was 45.9%.
Nike Air Foamposite One Sport Royal Of course, the ability to Garcia Today, he is unlikely to remain in the regular season like last season as the state playoffs, but if Garcia can keep averaging 8 points, while shooting percentage and three-point shooting were maintained at 43% and 39%, then for the rockets, he will become a key player off the bench. From now, the Rockets need Garcia to maintain stability, even though the team has Harden such as Howard and star players, but in the role players, the Rockets still lacking. If Garcia can have a good play, and will be able to help the Rockets lineup, which to some extent helped the Rockets to a championship.

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